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Basic Company Ad

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Transportation, Storage, Parts, Repairs and more....

532 Alpha Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 01552
Phone (122) 777-7777 - Fax (122) 777-7777

Service Details
We advertise your company information on a company ad as shown above.
Your company ad will be shown in your home state. Other states can be added for an additional charge.
One year listing of your company on
Your company ad will have a direct link to your website.
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Company profile (50 words max.)    
Company information details (Address, Phone, Fax and Email address)
Company image size (140 x 105 pixels)    
Choose Your Service Area
12 month advertisement for one state
$ 200.00
12 month advertisement 2-6 additonal states
$ 20.00
per state
12 month advertisement for each additional state over 6
$ 10.00
per state
12 month advertisement for entire United States, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, divided rates would equal $760.00. Save $260.00!
All States

For a limited time, advertisers will receive 18 months advertisement
for the price of 12!

Featured Home Page Banner

Service Details
This service can only be combined with a Basic Company Ad.
We advertise your company information on a banner as shown above.
Your banner will be shown on our home page for 1 (one) month.
Your banner will have a direct link to your website.
You Provide
Company URL (website link)    
Company image size (250 x 75 pixels)    
One month advertisement.
$ 50.00

Image Design Services

Details can design a very basic image for your company or edit an existing image that you have
Image will be (140 x 105 pixels) for regular Ads or (250 x 75 pixels) for a Featured Banner
Finished image will be sent to you for approval. Subsequent modifications will incur additional costs
You Provide
Any existing images or company logo in digital format    
Basic Company Ad Image Design Service
$ 50.00
Featured Home Page Banner Image Design Service
$ 60.00

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We reserve the right to accept or refuse advertisers.
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