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Capt. Leiner has 50 years in the marine industry with 35 years Building and surveying for; Insurance, Pre-Purchase, Damage appraisal, C.E. Examinations, Divorce, for; Sail, Power, Commercial, Mega-Yachts and wood boats. Offering State-of-the-Art Infrared Thermal Imaging, Audio Guage Tests and Moisture content. Construction and Refit Survey

Marine Surveyor, Infrared Tecnology, Maritime Attorney and more...

2333 Knoll Avenue N, Palm Harbor, FL - 34683
Phone Number (727) 647-7112 - (800) 782-2106 - (954) 895-2628


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We are a Premier National Admiralty and Maritime Law Firm with a century of combined legal experience representing injured commercial fishermen, merchant mariners, long shoremen, recreational boaters and cruise ship passengers. We welcome ALL injured workers. Hablamos español. Nos falamos o portugues. FREE CONSULTATION.

Maritime Attorneys and more...

88 Black Falcon Avenue, Suite 301, Boston, MA - 02210
Phone Number (800) 864-0051 - Fax (617) 261-1558


Please let them know you found them on www.BoatHelpers.com

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